Development + Design

Wei Tin Yuen


I’m a developer with over 4 years of experience in Unity Engine. I’m passionate about all things technical and creative in the 3D space.

I worked for 4 years at a B2B startup and lead the technical development at my company. During my time there, I’ve become an expert in virtual reality and maintaining SDKs.

While I love to solve problems and architect systems, I can work in many different roles. Whether it’s project planning or mentoring teammates, I like to contribute however I can.


Enterprise Client Projects

Developed for large enterprise companies who use virtual reality as a cost effective training solution. As a lead developer, my additional responsibilities include project planning and managing my team’s tasks.

Work Projects

Short VR experiences and minigames that are part of a healthcare platform designed for seniors. There’s a greater focus on simplicity and user experience.

Personal Projects

I like to work on games, assets, and renders in my free time.