GenrePassion ProjectYear2018ToolsBlender, Unity, A*


I have a strange obsession with tanks, I just think they’re so cool and awesome. I was passionate enough to dream about making an open world tank game. I was making things bit by bit for fun, and this is a glimpse of the vision I had. It never got combined into a game, but hey maybe one day you know?

I broke down the prototypes into different chunks to better focus on each area.


  • Player Control
  • Suspension/Track deformation
  • Modularity
  • Shooting
  • AI
  • UI, Particles, Sounds

Open World

  • Procedural Generation
  • Dynamic Pathfinding
  • Enemy Spawning


  • Low Poly Style
  • Level Design
  • Foliage
  • Different Tank Models
  • Post Processing