Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Tin!


I’m a self-taught developer based in Canada. I love working with technology and doing creative design. There are endless things to learn and the possibilities to create are boundless. To me, programming is more than just logic – it is about the design of putting things together. I enjoy working with code and architecting complex systems. I love understanding the technical process behind everything. The way technology evolves and shapes our world always continues to fascinate me to no end.

I’d describe myself as a driven individual. I believe in self development and setting personal goals. I’m aiming to improve the realism of my renders and publish more assets/games. Being less of an overthinker and actually making tangible progress is a goal of mine as well haha. I have broad experience in game engines, media editing, 3D rendering, web design, etc. Currently, I’m working full time in the VR field.


Soccer, Valorant, Maplestory, Tanks, Photography, Biking, Building Computers, Anime, Kdrama, Capybaras, Cockatoos, MBTI, Abstract Memes