GenreGame AssetsPlatformUnityRoleModeler, PublisherYear2018

A pack of assets I created and released on the Unity Asset Store. The creation process involved 3D modelling, UV unwrapping, PBR texturing, and setup in the game engine. Throughout the process, I'm mindful of many details - Reasonable poly counts, organized transforms, smart pivot placements, efficient UV textures, etc. I also made developer friendly features where I could, such as detail masks which let you easily set custom patterns & camouflages, and predefined animation controllers. I enjoy modeling military vehicles if you haven't noticed haha.

Insights & Highlights

The AC130 is used in Photon’s Fusion tutorials!

Issues & Challenges

There are a lot of considerations that go into the development of a game asset. I make sure the assets are usable for as wide of an audience as possible. Especially when I’m targeting mobile platforms, I need to consider things like poly count, materials, clipping, pivots, and all sorts of use cases. The pipeline is quite rigid so any adjustments can mean repeating work.