GenreMinigamesPlatformVirtual RealityRoleDevelopment, QAYear2022

A partnership with an academic team from University of Waterloo. The focus of the research was to gauge the effects of virtual reality games as a form of exercise for elderly patients. I developed an open world with 3 minigames - Tai chi, rowing, and fishing. These activities incorporate different movements and intensities, allowing researchers to measure different health and movement metrics.

Link to research paper

Insights & Highlights

Working with the researchers was a pleasant and unique experience. They were very responsive and committed to their study. We collaborated on ways to improve the gameplay and UX. They were consistent with communication and always enjoyed hearing about their feedback.

Something cool I experienced was recording the position data from the VR peripherals. I’m sure many developers know what it’s like to parse vast amounts of data in non-descript CSVs, but being upstream and writing the code to record those large files is a good feeling.