GenreResearchPlatformQuest 2RoleDeveloper, QAYear2022Duration3 months


A partnership with an academic team from University of Waterloo. The focus of the research was to gauge the effects of virtual reality games as a form of exercise for elderly patients. I developed an open world with 3 minigames – Tai chi, rowing, and fishing. These activities incorporate different movements and intensities, allowing researchers to measure different health and movement metrics.


Working with the researchers was a pleasant experience. They were very responsive and enthusiastic about their work. We collaborated on ways to improve the gameplay and UX. They were consistent with communication and I always enjoyed hearing about their feedback.

Something cool I experienced was recording the position data from the VR peripherals. I’m sure many developers know what it’s like to parse vast amounts of data in non-descript CSVs, but being the one to write the code that records those large files is cool.