Leisurely programming, doing laundry, sleeping.

I’ve spent a few days grasping the Photon API and made a cute little mini-game. I played with five friends, and it was my first actual taste of SUCCESS.

I was able to sort out the issue with interchanging RigidBodies and Character Controllers. I mistakenly thought that a RigidBody couldn’t be on a child so I tried to brainstorm a workaround. The best way to implement it was to child them both under a manager parent; that way you could separate the behaviours to each respective object, and still easily reference both. Coding is just constantly problem solving. That makes me die a little, because as I progress, they just get harder and more complex. I remember being confused with singletons. Ha! Easy. Now I’m trying to figure out how to write clean, modular, efficient, manager code. God, my head spins trying to think of the best solution. The only way to learn is to write, fail, and rewrite. Painful I know, who wants to build projects, try to refactor, and then just start over? BUT THATS LIFE SO YEAH. Why are programmers so calm and cool.

But the lowest point of a wave is still moving forwards nonetheless.