I worked on the ships and got some basics up and running. It’s been a goal to share something cool, but I’ve been so caught up with tinkering and improving. After dealing with some typical bugs, I’m quickly approaching a key code design problem. Specifically, how to deal with effects like audio, particles, and UI. One approach would be to add it on top of the ship components. I’ve done it and I loathed it. The other approach is to decouple the ship from the effects, which I’ve done and also loathed in a different way. The second option is the correct one, but I’m trying to be smart about how I implement the communication between the two entities to prevent future loathing.

In addition to that, I packaged and put the ships onto the Asset Store for free, along with an old KV2 tank model I made a while back. Combined with the aircraft I made, I have created the ultimate trifecta of land/air/naval vehicles!