Of all great creations, the sci-fi helmet is a staple in every accomplished 3D artist’s work. A staggering amount of detail gets packed into every available surface: Panels, lights, sockets, and so on – All masterfully placed to create an astonishing feat of form and function (supposedly). It combines the best of hard surface modeling and complex organic shapes.

I’m going to create a stunningly awesome sci-fi helmet. I have a basic design, but it needs to be built upon. I’m going to spend a lot of time putting details together and capturing the perfect layout. An ever slightly curved surface, some sharpness in the edge, the direction of a line: Small details can massively change the style something exudes. And that’s just geometry.

The aesthetic I want is to be immediately striking. Something fearsome. But not grotesquely scary. Borderline skull looking, but not a bad guy.


First Draft

Second Draft


Third Draft