This month’s work consisted of a lot of modelling. I added the EH101 Helicopter to the Aircraft Bundle. I also found a very strong burst of energy for some renders. In quick succession, I produced an ornate battle axe, diving helmet, and aloe plant. Contrary to what you’d probably believe, I learned creating highly detailed renders is quicker and more straightforwards than creating game models. Producing a model to be game-ready requires so much planning and attention towards efficient poly count, topology, UV space, pivots, etc. None of that is important when designing for one great image. The total time it took to make these renders from start to finish improved tremendously with practice: 7 hours for the axe, 5 hours for the helmet, and 2 hours for the aloe. It still takes a lot of technical prowess and visionary skill, but it’s a more fun, enjoyable process.

There’s another aircraft on the board. Development and planning in the works.