Hello! This is my progress update! Typically I don’t write these because I don’t stop and share something incomplete when I could be improving it; but I’ll be trying to be more accountable about following up with good content.

  1. I have a simple warship game in progress. I posted about the finished models, now I’m developing the game foundations. I want to work on this as efficiently and goal orientated as possible. So trying to cut down on useless tweaking and minor improvements. Will definitely post updates!
  2. I’m writing some beginner Unity lessons, which I’ll finish in approximately two months. It’ll cover the most essential components, and emphasises teaching the proper mindset and reasoning behind using it.
  3. I’m strategically putting off the sci-fi helmet, as once I’m done the model, I’ll move onto texturing. Unfortunately my current graphics card: R9 270x, will make the process sluggish so I’ll wait until I upgrade parts in the near future.