GenreEnterprise TrainingPlatformVirtual RealityRoleDevelopmentYear2020

Step into the shoes of a technician as they troubleshoot and repair a malfunctioning wind turbine. Featuring 5 distinct zones, the user starts at the office, gathers their PPE, and proceeds to the turbine site. There they must make visual inspections, pay attention to the diagnostics, activate safety stops, and make repairs. Watch the full playthrough below.

Insights & Highlights

This project was a behemoth to tackle. It features the early days of our procedures, interactions, and contexts. Since then, we’ve continually improved and made them more flexible for new use cases. This was a great milestone for us and showed us what we were capable of. Even now, I’m quite impressed at how extensive this project is in scenes and processes.

Issues & Challenges

There was a lot to figure out in all aspects of development. Since our SDK systems and tools didn’t exist back then, I was writing whatever I needed, wherever I needed. It helped me develop things very fast, but made it very hard to clean up and port back to the SDK.

Another challenge was the sheer density of the environment we were trying to create. Big props to my modeler Karan, who was able to make things look amazing and still run on a headset. Unfortunately, after all the interactions were put it, we weren’t able to maintain maximum frame rates. A huge effort went into making every possible optimization and trick happen from both of us.