GenreProduct ShowcasePlatformVirtual RealityRoleOptimization, Localization, AnimationYear2021

An industrial safety solution showcase. Watch as volatile processes make their way through a facility and how it can be prevented with the aid of Hoerbiger. This project was developed by the client, and we were hired to port it to VR. My role involved optimizing performance to run on the targeted platform. Additionally, I was also tasked to add multi-language support for Chinese/German/English. The experience is narrated and subtitled in the respective language. Watch the video below for the full playthrough.

Insights & Highlights

I’m often working on backend systems so I don’t get a chance to do more front facing tasks. I enjoy working on all aspects of development, though my skills are best for working on the toughest tasks and preventing disasters. I quite enjoyed working on this project once I digested how it worked.

Issues & Challenges

Since we received this project from the client, this meant diving into somebody else’s project for me. I don’t think anybody enjoys doing that but sometimes it must be done. I spent a while studying the project and found everything was animated using tweening. The issue was these animations were tailored for the narrations in English. I needed to make it work for Chinese and German as well. When I switched the language narrations, they timing of certain events were thrown off. Luckily, I was able to find timings that worked for all 3 languages by spacing out the animations here and there by a few seconds.