My goal for January was to prototype and release an Android game. With no prior mobile development experience, I decided to make a simple juggling game. And simple it is.

Coding the game was the easiest part of this. When it comes to mobile development, a lot of effort goes into an intuitive user experience and captivating visual design: UX & UI. Both of which I really suck at. For a month, I experimented with different art styles and game objectives. I designed my own ball graphics, I changed dragging the ball to just tapping, I had an unlock shop, and so on. The entire time I would keep asking myself: “I’m a game developer, how do I NOT know what is fun??”.  It was kind of a crisis for me. In the end, I opted to keep everything simple. This is my first mobile release, it hardly needs to be perfect. After getting familiar with Google’s developer console and ad monetising, I present: Juggle Noob

I couldn’t even decide on a proper title.