Development has slowed down quite a bit. I’ve been implementing the core systems that will let a fleet of ships be fully controlled by a player/computer. Mostly under the hood stuff. Reworking ship stats, creating a central data structure to store ships and fleets, tweaking how ships detect and crudely interact with each other. The most exciting new feature is automatic target leading/engaging: Ships will calculate their shell travel time and multiply it with the velocity of the target to acquire the lead.

Granted, I’m still learning how to architect scale-able systems. My greatest challenge has always been how to design increasingly complex structure from the ground up. I lack the vision of the end product, so my development ends up following a pattern. Roughly implementing something leads to poor organization and clutter. However ALWAYS maintaining strict organization and order leads to nothing ever getting developed. So it’s a godforsaken cycle.

Right now, I’m trying to build good enough inputs for AI movement. Then I’ll develop strategies/tactics/formations based on statistics. I’ve thought about incorporating machine learning into AI, but can’t really grasp how to effectively train the model. But that’s basically what machine learning is so it’s all good.

My main priority is to implement all the basic behaviors an AI will need. I will get around to making a more dynamic camera/player system next, and bringing the UX design up to speed with the rest of the system.