Developing Warships part 1

I designed some simple ship models a while back. I'm finally bringing them into the Unity engine to put together a game I've been envisioning for a long time: Warships. I'm a sucker for large scale, open world, procedurally generated, combat simulation games. This project hits the right balance of interest and challenge for me.

So far, I've implemented the weapons systems, trajectory calculating, and movement. I experienced a setback when I realized the ocean simulation library I was using didn't work at runtime. Fortunately I found Crest ocean renderer to replace it, and it works beautifully now! I'm now working on getting the environment lighting and particles in order.

Beginner Friendly Unity Lessons

Created some beginner orientated lessons for Unity Engine. This learning material emphasizes explanation and understanding over conventional lessons and tutorials. I’ve been working on this in the background for the last 3 months. It’s the type of resource I wish I had when I was starting out: A starting place for understanding complex systems and higher level concepts. I feel like I did a great job on the first rendition. There were still a lot of beginner mistakes I wanted to cover, but ultimately, you can only learn from mistakes yourself.

Hackathons are FUN

I went to my first Hackathon, and it was surprisingly a super positive experience. I highly suggest going to one; because if you were like me, you'd think Hackathons are overrated, hyped up events that will drown you in free stickers. And you'd right, but the real thrill of Hackathon is teaming up with strangers to tackle an ambitious project. I went to this Hackathon expecting to organise my github repo and attend talks, but instead I joined a team and made a web app that grabbed course data from Universities and automatically generated schedules.

The thrill of working furiously under an impending deadline, in our case 12 hours, is the exhilarating part of Hackathons. Ordinarily you'd code something within your skill to do, and at a comfortable pace - which is boring. As a game developer, I don't know much about web development, but I designed the entire front end of this project in HTML and CSS from scratch! Being pushed to create something that, just the day before I would've thought "no way could I do that", has been the most accomplished I've felt in a long time. Crunching code and chugging red bulls, with the competitive fire to outdo other teams, surrounded by newly made friends, is what makes Hackathons great.